Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability

We are committed to sourcing ethically and responsibly. All workers who produce our product should be treated respectfully and have the right to conduct their work in a safe and healthy environment. To achieve this we operate with a three tier approach.

  1. Actively engage with our overseas supply chain partners

  2. Apply a more transparent supply chain model wherever possible

  3. Visit factory floors and assess working conditions as frequently as possible


Responsible and ethical sourcing is important to our business. That’s why we have joined the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange’s (Sedex) international network, to develop new relationships and improve our connection with our suppliers. Sedex is a world-leading ethical trade service provider, enabling us to manage our social and environmental performance and better source responsibly.


Our dual Buyer/Supplier membership with Sedex will help us to share ethical data with our customers and analyse the ethical trade information of our own supply chain. It is our duty to encourage constant improvement and assist with change by highlighting shortcomings in any of our suppliers' standards. If a supplier will not improve, or if its standards are below an acceptable level, we will not deal with them.


Through Sedex we have the functionality to:

•             See our suppliers’ data on responsible practice and run reports on ethical trade information

•             Store our own data on responsible practice, including audits, certificates and corrective action plans

•             Complete an assessment for our own sites

•             Run reports on our own data and share with customers

•             Carry out risk assessments on our suppliers’ and our own supply chains