Top view of two x ringed half moon spanners

Spanners – Ringed, Half Moon, Metric

  • Chrome vanadium alloy steel 
  • Chrome plated 
  • Specially designed for starter bolts
  • Used mainly in automotive applications
Spanner Size
  • Product Information

    Product Code Size Length Weight Part Number
    19500810 8 x 10mm 137mm 40g 61092072
    19501012 10 x 12mm 141mm 55g 61092074
    19501113 11 x 13mm 166mm 93g 61092076
    19501214 12 x 14mm 166mm 94g 61092078
    19501315 13 x 15mm 190mm 126g 61092080
    19501417 14 x 17mm 190mm 126g 61092082
    19501618 16 x 18mm 220mm 156g 61092084
    19501719 17 x 19mm 220mm 174g 61092086
    19501922 19 x 22mm 256mm 255g 61092088


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