Side view of green twisted polypropylene rope

Ropes - Polypropylene, Twisted Coil, Coloured

  • Polypropylene will not mould, mildew or rot and is resistant against fuel, oil and most acids and alkalis
  • UV treated to reduce degradation from sunlight
  • Economical, 3-strand general purpose synthetic rope
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Good energy absorption and can take repeated shock loads
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Floats on water
  • UV stabilised
  • White
  • Description

    Colour Diameter Length Part Number
    White 6mm 220m Coil 27000001
    White 8mm 220m Coil 27000002
    White 10mm 220m Coil 27000003
    White 12mm 220m Coil 27000004
    White 14mm 220m Coil 27000005
    White 16mm 220m Coil 27000006
    White 20mm 220m Coil 27000007
    White 24mm 220m Coil 27000008
    Green 6mm 250m Coil 91358182
    Orange 8mm 250m Coil 91350002
    Yellow 6mm 250m Coil 91358144
    Yellow 6mm 250m Coil 90001031
    Yellow 12mm 125m Super?lm 90001034