Side view of pilot pin for TCT annular cutter

Pilot Pins for TCT Annular Cutters

When using annular cutters always use the recommend pilot pin. The pilot pin, helps to centre and stabilise while cutting. It also helps deliver the coolant and helps eject the slug once finished cutting.

  • Material: SUJ2
  • Hardness: HRC58+2
Pilot Pin Size
  • Product Specifications

    Product Code For Size Pin Size Overall Length
    49481050 12 � 15mm x 50mm 4.75 x 3.6 112mm
    49481052 16 � 70mm x 50mm 8mm 112mm
  • Tip

    Check the Pilot pin is able to move freely by occasionally depressing the pilot. Check to ensure cutting fluid is Flowing and that the groove is not blocked. Always ensure that the slug has been ejected from the previous hole before cuting the next


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