four rolls of fluoro yellow, white, green and pink nylon string on cylinder

Nylon String Line

  • 8 plait low stretch nylon cord
  • Size: No.8 (885 Tex)
  • Available in 50m or 100m lengths
  • Also available in cotton
  • Description

    Colour Size Length Part Number
    Lime Green No.8 (885 Tex) 50m 91118029
    Fluro Pink No.8 (885 Tex) 50m 91118030
    Orange No.8 (885 Tex) 50m 79017027
    White No.8 (885 Tex) 50m 4232005
    Lime Green No.8 (885 Tex) 100m 91118032
    Fluro Pink No.8 (885 Tex) 100m 4232004
    Orange No.8 (885 Tex) 100m 79017024
    White No.8 (885 Tex) 100m 91118034
    White No.12 (1345 Tex) 100m 4232003


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