Front view of blue digital multimeter with cables

Multi-Meter - Digital

SKU: 64530095


  • Date hold, auto range, auto power-off option
  • Continuity check, diode test, Hfe (NPN, PNP), LED check, low battery indicator
  • Unit and function indication
  • 1,999 count LCD display
  • Negative polarity indicator
  • Fuse with: 500mA/660V & 10amp/600V
  • CE approval EN61010-1, 600V CATII, 300V CATIII
  • Voltage AC/DC range: 0.1mV � 600V
  • Current AC/DC range: 0.1�A � 10amp
  • Resistance: 0.1? � 20M?
  • Sampling rate: 3 times/sec
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