side view of three stainless steel hose clamps

Hose Clamps

  • The Duwell all stainless perforated hose clamp range provides superior design and proven reliability

  • For marine, industrial, automotive, agricultural, chemical and general purpose use

  • Stainless steel for corrosion protection

  • Flexible band for superior sealing, conforms to hose

  • High strength for reliable sealing

  • Pack of 10

  • Specifications

    Product Code Size Part Number
    MAH004P 6-16mm 3921001
    MAH006P 11�22mm 3921002
    HAS008P 13-25mm 3921003
    HAS010P 14�27mm 3921004
    HAS012P 18�32mm 3921005
    HAS016P 21�38mm 3922001
    HAS020P 21�44mm 3922002
    HAS024P 27�51mm 3922003
    HAS028P 33�57mm 3922004
    HAS032P 40�64mm 3922005
    HAS036P 46�70mm 3923001
    HAS040P 52�76mm 3923002
    HAS044P 59�83mm 3923003
    HAS048P 65�89mm 3923004
    HAS052P 71�95mm 3923005
    HAS056P 78�102mm 3924001
    HAS064P 90�114mm 3924002
    HAS072P 103�127mm 3924003


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