Side view of Duwell fluid Drum Pump set

Fluid Drum Pump - Rotary, Heavy Duty

SKU: 4013001
  • Flow rate: 100ltr/min
  • Suitable for diesel, petrol, AV gas, jet A1 and light viscosity oils up to SAE 30 viscosity
  • Maximum viscosity: 500 SSU (or SAE 30)
  • Max. ?uid temperature: 60�C (140�F)
  • Inlet: 1�� OD
  • Outlet: 1�� OD curved spout
  • Wetted parts: cast aluminium, plated steel, NBR & PE
  • With polythylene extension hose and curved spout
  • Vertical conveying distance of 15m, horizontal conveying distance of 50m
  • Drum size: 60 � 205ltr
  • Includes
  • Supplied with 2� bung adaptor
  • 3-piece, 1m long plated steel suction tube
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