front view chain block

Chain Blocks - With Overload Protection - 3m Lift Height

  • Designed for lifting applications within industries such as engineering, construction, logging and mining
  • Bearings, gears and shafts are fully protected by innovative design features
  • Every chain block is individually tested to its WLL and supplied with a test certificate
  • Watch the overload protection in action
  • Complies with AS1418.2
  • 3 year warranty
  • Description

    WLL Lift Height Load Chain Size Net Weight Part Number
    500kg 3m 5 x 15mm 9.0kg 8426001
    500kg 6m 5 x 15mm 13.5kg 91228067
    1.0t 3m 6 x 18mm 12.0kg 8426002
    1.0t 6m 6 x 18mm 17.0kg 88821134
    1.5t 3m 7 x 21mm 18.0kg 91228069
    2.0t 3m 10 x 30mm 19.5kg 8426003
    2.0t 6m 10 x 30mm 26.0kg 88820090
    3.0t 3m 8 x 24mm 25.0kg 8427001
    3.0t 6m 8 x 24mm 36.0kg 88893952
    5.0t 3m 10 x 30mm 42.0kg 8427002
    5.0t 6m 10 x 30mm 59.0kg 88809840
    10.0t 6m 10 x 30mm 91.0kg 91220029


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