Side view 55mm annular cutter

Annular Cutters - 55mm

  • High quality M2 High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Cutting profile designed for higher feed rates
  • Annular cutters offer faster, easier and more accurate cutting than conventional twist drills or drill bits
  • Peripheral cutting action is 50% more effective than conventional drilling
  • Cutting edges can be resharpened to extend cutter life
  • Suitable for most magnetic drilling machines, multi-fit shank
  • Suitable for use in metal plate, construction steel, alloy steel, I-beam steel, steel pipes, cast iron and rail steel
  • High quality hole finish
  • Individually packaged
  • 50mm Cutting depth (60mm Effective Cut Length)
  • Product Specifications

    Product Code Diameter
    49480620 12mm
    49480630 13mm
    49480640 14mm
    49480660 16mm
    49480670 17mm
    49480680 18mm
    49480700 20mm
    49480720 22mm
    49480740 24mm
    49480750 25mm
    49480760 26mm
    49480780 28mm
    49480800 30mm
    49480820 32mm
    49480840 34mm
    49480860 36mm
    49480870 38mm
    49480880 40mm
    49480890 42mm
    49480900 44mm
    49480910 50mm


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