Board of Directors


Nogard is majority owned by Adam Goodes, 2014 Australian of the Year, and proud Adnyamathanha / Narungga man.

Adam’s strength of character, connection to culture and passion has lead him to become an indigenous role model for young Australians, as well as an anti-racism advocate. His commitment to creating a more inclusive Australia is evident in his business dealings, his GO Foundation and now Nogard Australia.


As the Executive Chairman of ATOM in Australia and Bishops in Papua New Guinea for upwards of seven years, Jason is no stranger to the industrial and safety industry. With a devote passion for business, Nogard Australia is the next addition to his portfolio.


With a background in investment management, Jason knows what it takes to nurture, grow and transform a successful business. He’s committed to sharing these successes by contributing to and supporting local communities and causes wherever possible. 

Nogard Australia logo

Nogard Australia acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands in which we operate in Australia. We recognise and pay respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging as well as their unique connection and spiritual relationship to the land and its waterways. Nogard Australia recognises the rich contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture make to society.